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"Bryan had one job. To be fair, it was a very important job- taking care of the Large Hadron Collider during the graveyard shift is no easy task. But things quickly take a turn to the weird as Bryan clumsily spills his energy drink all over the sensitive instruments and ends up breaking the very fabric of space-time. Now, surrounded by the inky darkness of The Void with nothing but these strange particles surrounding him, he must re-assemble reality, restore the space-time continuum and clean up his mess…before his shift ends!"


Arrow keys to move

Green Sparticles: +1 to particle count (Goal is 25)

Blue Sparticles: -3 to time

Purple Sparticles: -1 to sparticle count

Backslash ( \ ) will reset the game.

**NOTE*** This game was created for the Downtown Orlando Global Game Jam, a 48 hour event. Due to time constraints bugs may exist. Sorry, will try to have it fixed soon !!! - Peter Napolitano, Programmer


Design and Art - Carlos Donze

Sound Design - Will Avon

Programming - Peter Napolitano


Sparticles_1.1.app 50 MB
Sparticles.zip 49 MB