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Goal: To conquer as much of the universe as possible. Launch ships from the space station to send them towards planets.

If you land on a planet you will create a new space station to launch from in the addition of gaining 10 extra humans. Space ships that don't reach a planet after 7 seconds will be destroyed.

Debris surrounds the planets and hitting them with your spaceship will cause the ship to be destroyed, killing the humans on board.

A giant asteroid heads towards earth every so often, and the resulting crash will kill 15 of your people. A warning symbol will let you know when the asteroid is coming, and clicking on it will bring you to the asteroid.

Missiles are available to destroy asteroids and debris, but may only be fired every 20 seconds, and they launch the same way as space ships.


-Click on planets with space station to launch

-Click on Human/Missile button on bottom of screen to choose the launch projectile.

-WASD to move camera around

-Scroll to zoom in/out...or E to zoom in and F to zoom out (Works in some browsers, other browsers it does not work, but definitely works in EXE/APP!)

- Click on Warning Symbol to go to Asteroid;

-Click on Earth Symbol to go to Earth;

Install instructions

Download, uncompress zip files, and run EXE on Windows and APP on MAC


MS_MACv3.app.zip 19 MB
Ms_PCv1.zip 17 MB