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CamoMan is a science experiment with the unique ability to camouflage different colors. Scientist have set up a test for you to see how well CamoMan can actually use his ability. The test involves drones searching the area for you. Using this ability use your surroundings to avoid being spotted by the drones. Score is determined off how far you get. There will be a short cooldown after switching colors, preventing you from switching immediately back.


W - Move forward

A- Move left

D- Move Right

Up- Change color to red

Down- Change color to blue

Left- Change color to green

Right- Change color to yellow

E- Hide/unhide next to colored cubes (must be touching cube)

Way to get caught:

1) Running through laser with wrong color

2) Hiding next to cube with wrong color

3) Running into drone when not hiding

**Known bugs**

1) Some drones get stuck at waypoints, at times they may even get stuck right above you. If the drone is right above you and you exit from hiding you will not be caught so don't worry.

2) Hiding while still moving causes you to still move around, but you will not have control while hiding. Its best to stop moving before hiding.

3) A drone can spawn on top of you if you make it through the section too quickly. To avoid this wait until the second drone has spawned.