A downloadable game for Windows

Unity game created using the Intel Real Sense Camera (Needed to play). Throw the ball at the spinning wheel trying to match the color of the ball with the color on the wheel. If you match the ball color with the color on the wheel that piece will turn blue, turn all the pieces blue you win !


Change color

Smile to turn ball green

Open mouth to turn ball yellow

Stick tounge out to turn ball red

Control Ball

Right Hand peace sign to increase velocity (close hand, then redo peace sign to keeping increasing)

Left Hand peace sign to decrease velocity (close hand, then redo peace sign to keeping decreasing)

Right Hand grasp to rotate right

Left Hand grasp to rotate left

Two Hands up to launch ball forward

Published Jan 18, 2015

Install instructions

Download Zip file, then run executable.


BehaviorSplash-v1.zip 27 MB